Artist Statement

My paintings are inquiries: what is real and what is imagined. What are the stories we make up,
and what is actual truth? Some of the images are from dreams, some are from what is in front
of me: trees, a butterfly, a washed out breaker wall, fishing weights, my palette table. We
observe a painting and bring to it a set of meanings. I am interested in the observer within us.
All of the paintings are inquiries into what is real, observed or imagined.

In the Dream Series of the figures with flashlights, there is an inquiry; who are these people and
what are they searching for? They are without eyes which adds to the mystery, the dissidence.
Whatever they are looking for, how will they know they have found it? Is it a search from the
fingertips out (sensorial) or from the fingertips in (spiritual)?

A curator once said to me when she chose one of my paintings: “I liked this painting because it
asks more questions than answers.