For over 50 years my passion for nature and spirit has inspired my dedication to cultivating beauty through painting, writing and diverse projects around the world. From Monet’s Gardens in France to remote African villages, to the Amazon rain forest, to Japan. My work has shown in Museums with Monet, permanent installments in corporate collections and in my historic Bohemian Artist home and Gardens in Monterey, California.

I am an artist, author, and creativity teacher. My aim is to celebrate Beauty, connect to spirit through nature and inspire others to weave a personal commitment to what they love, bringing purpose and meaning into each day.

Elizabeth Murrays Watercolor workshop

Saturday November 20th 10am-2.30pm

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Primordial Forest . Multi-Media Triptych 132″x 36″ $12,000.00

Radiance and Resiliance in the Grove . Oil on Canvas . 45″ x 55.5 . $9,500,00

Mythical Woods . Oil on Canvas . 44” x 34″ . $5,250.00

Tribe of the Moon . Oil On Birch Panel . 33″ x 44″ . $5,250.00

Dancing Sitka . Multimedia Diptych . 66″ x 44” $8,000.00

Mother Redwood Big Sur . Oil On Wood Panel . 30″ x 23. $4,300

Monterey Pines . Oil On Canvas Triptych . 17″ x 63. $4,800

Wild Spring . Oil On Canvas Canvas . 16″ x 24. $1,500