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Shady Business

Shady Business

Some may disagree, but in my world, lighting is everything! I obsess about lighting. Bad lighting can make even the most exquisite room seem off … Read More

bixby bridge

The Bixby Bridge and Collection

The Bixby Collection was inspired by the iconic Bixby Bridge along the California Coastline.  This bridge, for good reason, is considered to be the most photographed … Read More


Marfa, Texas and Donald Judd

The Marfa Collection was inspired by Marfa, Texas and Donald Judd, the minimalist sculptor.  Judd who, in the 1970s, bought an abandoned military base in the … Read More

Blue sofa

“Sofa” is a four letter word

As every seasoned interior designer knows, when beginning a project you need to avoid the most serious and costly mistake people working without professional counsel make. … Read More