Wagstaff’s imagery derives primarily from nature, which she renders in oil on canvas. She is especially drawn to marshland grasses, aspen canopies, birds in flight, waterways and reflections. Says Jan, “As I observe the natural world, I am ever conscious of how I am experiencing it – how all of my senses play a part in my perception. My work is about seasons, sounds, texture, movement and shapes. It is about blending colors, subtleties of light and dark, and things near and far. About seeing and celebrating the ordinary such that it becomes extraordinary. My paintings are visual entertainment but even more, I hope they encourage viewers to recall places that hold special meaning to them.”

Susurrus . Oil On Canvas . 36″ x 36″ . $3,300

Particles Of Light . Oil On Canvas . 36″ x 36″ . $3,300

Willow . Oil On Canvas . 24″ x 36″ . $2,200

Rabbit Brush . Oil On Canvas . 24″ x 36″ . $2,200

Slices of Light . Oil On Canvas . 24″ x 24″ . $1500