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Inspiration / Marfa, Texas and Donald Judd

Marfa, Texas and Donald Judd

The Marfa Collection was inspired by Marfa, Texas and Donald Judd, the minimalist sculptor.  Judd who, in the 1970s, bought an abandoned military base in the sleepy little town in Texas, and created a museum of his work and other minimalist thinkers and artists.  Since that time, Marfa has become an international mecca for inspired artists and art lovers. 

The Marfa Collection is a homage to the artist.  Judd ‘s iconic conceptual sculptures were made up of one form, the rectangle, and the repetition of that form using 3 materials: wood, stainless steel and colored plexiglass.  We were inspired by that challenge to create a repetitive form using wood and stainless steel to create a functioning piece of art/furniture.