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bixby bridge

The Bixby Bridge and Collection

The Bixby Collection was inspired by the iconic Bixby Bridge along the California Coastline.  This bridge, for good reason, is considered to be the most photographed bridge in the country, and the gateway to Big Sur.

We will begin with a little history about Charles Bixby and the Iconic Bridge.  In 1852, the California coastline south of Monterey,  caught the eye of Charles Bixby, a native New Yorker who would travel back and forth between east and west coast.  In 1889 he purchased 160 acres of land south of the Bixby Creek, where he lumbered the land and created a railroad track for shipping the lumber.  

The Bridge was conceived In 1931, by CH Purcell, a highway engineer and FW Pahorst, who developed designs for the Bixby Bridge.   Building began August 24, 1931 and was completed Oct 15, 1932.  The bridge is made from metal and concrete.  Concrete was used primarily because it was inexpensive, but also it looked more like the cliffs of the area.   The cost was $200,000.

When we began to design for this collection, we started with the concept of the bridge using natural elements.  Though concrete was considered, we felt the raw metal material captured the feeling and idea of the Bixby Bridge and the surrounding area.   The first design was the Bixby Ottoman, with tray table.  We love this beautiful and functional piece of art/furniture  that marriages metal, wood and leather.  Stay tuned for new inspired designs:  The Bixby Sidetable, and the Bixby Console.  

The Bixby Bridge is a continual source of inspiration for us,  and if you’ve ever seen the bridge, we are sure you’ll agree.